Everyday, the Philippine tribal people are watching their families and neighbors die, and the nightmares are only just beginning for these victims who aren’t yet able to think about the loss of their homes and livelihoods; they’re just trying to find simple shelter and food to keep their children alive.

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Naawan Misamis Oriental

Tribes and Natures Defenders Focuses on Tribes and Nature Issues and Problems

Latest Natures and Tribal Communities Issues and Problems

Rampant Mining in the Tribal Communities

Deforestation and Loggings

Wildlife Hunting and Killings

Tribal People Issues and Problems


Tribal Rights and Cultural Identity

Deprived Tribes of Education
Tribal Community Development
Community Health and Sanitation
Conflict within the Tribal Communities

Interventions towards the Tribal Communities and Natures

Defending the Natures

Nature's Security and Protection from Mining and Logging

Watersheds Protection

Forest and Wildlife Conservation and Preservation
Sustainable Agriculture
Promotion and Recognition of Tribal Culture,Tradition and Right to Self Determination

Establishment of Hilltop Tribal School in the Forest

Sustainable Livelihood and Social Enterprise
Community Clean Up and Health Education
Peace Dialogue to Respect the Tribal Existence

A Greetings from the Founding Chairman

Datu Kilala Lanelio T. Sangcoan

Founding Chairman

"The Nature is the fortress of the Tribes and Wildlife, the Blood, life and serve as a source of foods , where the Creator had provided all the needs of the Tribes and Wildlife for daily survival; The Nature destruction is the Tribal and Wildlife Extinction".

Tribal People are the Custodians of the Nature and Wildlife, where they can take care Biodiversities and other living species to give balance and colors of the Universe, as God gave all for the benefits of both Living and Non Living things".

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